Treadmill Day

The gym inside my building has reopened. I logged 2.5-mile (38 mins) on the treadmill this afternoon. I felt I was cheating a little, after all, I only jogged intermittently for two 5-min intervals and walking the rest of the time. Nevertheless, I should be happy I didn’t spend the time eating/sitting/doing nothing. Continue reading Treadmill Day

p90x3 – day 2

Day 2 – did the Warrior today (lean calendar). The floor exercise in this one was actually better than the ones from the Accelerator, but it’s still very hard. My floor is very slippery when I had my trainers on, especially tricky for those bur-pees and mountain climbers. I wonder if there is some kind of … Continue reading p90x3 – day 2

Journey II

Exactly one year ago, I was anxious about my upcoming solo trip to Maui – uncertain whether it would be a good idea to travel when things weren’t quite in place. The wind has taken me to the pacific island, the great northwest, and the southern tip on the east coast. My mind still wanders … Continue reading Journey II


I’m about to go on a trip. It’s the fruit of a spur of a moment thinking but that spur of a moment decision should really be a result of uncovering my deep unconsciousness. Yes, it must be. There are a few things that deserve a mention. One, I will be on an island that … Continue reading Journey